Discounts Apply if I’m in Your Area!

Hi Everyone,

I was delivering a 4 metre skip out to Aspley, north Brisbane, the other day, and just before I left the depot, I got a call from a lady who had just had some tree loppers in and they had left a pile of rubbish in her yard after they had left.

We call that green waste.

She was in quite a fuss about it all. Well, not only was I able  help her out and get a skip out to her house, load it all up and take it away too – I did it all in the same day – and for a discounted price – HOW? because she was also in Aspley, north Brisbane. So I combined it with my first job that day.

So, its worth giving me a call if you need some green waste removed, or any waste removed as I might be in your area and you could get a tidy discount.

’till next time