Skip Bins FAQ

Skip Bins frequently asked questions. We get asked a lot of questions every day, most of them the same, so we thought we would put the most frequently asked skip bin questions, together with their answers:

  1. How big is a cubic metre?
    Answer: A cubic metre is the unit of measure for volume of a cube. It is done by height x width x depth. therefore a 2 cumbic metre box ( 2M3 ) is 2m x 2m x 2m
  2. When can you deliver and/or pick up to/from your property?
    Answer: We deliver and pick up six days a week during these hours:
    Monday – Friday: 7:00AM – 4:00PM
    Saturdays: 7:00AM – 11:00AM
  3. How much notice do you need from the time I call?
    Answer: Order by 4:00PM and we can deliver the next day (subject to availability) Generally, if you order first thing in the morning, we can get it to you the same afternoon.
  4. How much can I fill the skip bin?
    Answer: Fill the skip bin right up to the top rail. But no higher please. We are not permitted to pick-up over filled skip bins. We can deliver extra bins if you require them. Please call us or talk to the driver.
  5. How can I make payment?Answer: We accept: cash, credit card, bank transfer – on delivery
  6. How can I get rid of items like tyres or oil, gas bottles,  etc?Answer: these items can all be taken to your local refuse rubbish tip. Phone your council to find out where and when are the best times.
  7. What if we need a skip bin moved to another location within 7 days?
    Answer: We apply a call-out fee of $60 to move a skip bin. NOTE: customer MUST NOT MOVE THE SKIP BIN. Please call us to discuss.
  8. What are the sizes of the skip bins you have?
    Answer: We provide 2M3, 3M3, 4M3 and 6M3
  9. What size skip bin do I need?
    2M3 – equivalent of 2 standard box trailers and is suitable for small clean up jobs around the house or yard.3M3 – equivalent of 3 standard box trailers and is ideal for clearing our garages, work sheds, spare rooms.4M3 – equivalent of 4 standard box trailers and is suitable for clean-up of renovations for one or two rooms

    6M3 – equivalent of 6 standard box trailers and is suitabable for medium renovations in average size house.

  10. What type of rubbish can I put in the skip bin?
    Answer: click here for waste types
  11. Can I request a particular time for delivery and pick up?
    Answer: Not exactly, due to traffic conditions and perhaps even weather conditions we are unable to confirm an exact time. We operate mornings or afternoons. We love to help our customers as much as possible so we will do our best to work with you always!
  12. How long can I have the bin for?
    Answer: 7 days. (note: extra days at $10 per day)
  13. Can you pick up the skip bin at an earlier time before the seven days?
    Answer: Yes, just give us a call to arrange a suitable date and time period.
  14. Can I have the skip bin delivered to the nature strip in front of my property?
    Answer: Yes, subject to allowing suitable access for pedastrians. Please check with your council regarding any permits you may need.
  15. Can we have the bin delivered on to the road?
    Answer: Please call your local council to determine if a permit is required in your area.
  16. Will the skip bin damage my road, driveway or grass area?
    Answer: Not normally, however if you are concerned, we recommend placing a few lengths of timber down first and then we can place the skip bin on top of them. Note that the truck with a skip bin is just over 4 tonnes in weight.